Fred Zebra: Year One / Prologue / Pilot

It’s difficult to write a good first blog entry but I’ll try. Beginnings are always hard. Middles and endings throw themselves at us, yet the foremost leap* eludes us (in my case, at least). We (I) grasp at scattered wisps of words that whisper of possibility, yet they disperse upon contact.

Yet the beginning of the year can only come first. January spites pre-new year fears and anxieties, and comes right on time, whether you like it or not. So let us not fear the new year. It arrives not as a landlord come to collect, but as an old friend who extends his hand with a slight, unfathomable smile, knowingly, asking for trust. So, if you’ll follow through on your hopes and dreams for 2018, I’ll stick to this blog for the year to come. Shake my hand, we’ll face tomorrow together. Then again, new year resolutions are usually the first things to go, so perhaps I shouldn’t shake your hand too firmly..

Now I guess I’ll just sit, awaiting the silent tears of a weeping moon to oil the jammed rotors of good old Mr. Typewriter. I’ll close my eyes as I silently ponder the groans it utters before damp, musty night washes over me, before the Yuletide ends, before the year awaits renewal…

This is Fred Zebra, saying: “Merry Christmas, we’ll be back soon with Adam Sandler** after a short commercial.”

*I wrote the end of this entry before I wrote the beginning.

**Mr. Sandler, I’m sorry, we’ve run out of time. Happy holidays folks.