Somewhere in the space above his head
Amidst the perpetual orbit of Love
Exists the ethereal voice of a mother

Crooning lullabies of a long-blown
Gently she caresses his blameless cheeks
Twin moonbeams, For
She adores those cheeks-
Unblemished and Unkissed
Save for her sweet lips

Twin moonbeams
Her teal-grey eyes like
Tea-smeared oil paintings
More blue than green
Blot out the glaring light of day,
Simmering into a simple glowing
Loveliness; as she observes
Her child and his eyes,
Like pieces of chocolate
Eclipsing, eclipsing,
The humming glow of twin moons
Adjacent mirror eyes;
Light, an infinite pendulum
Love, an infinite paradox

And in that most eternal of moments
This Earth of theirs, it breathes
These seconds, they expire with life
Reverberate with a longing
And she knows peace;
Planets may collide and oceans envelop
The land they used to know
Yet the world is so quiet
And her baby is still

The amber star pollinates the sky
And it ripens into purpleness
O, the portraits an infant draws
Of his earliest summers
Of his most ambiguous years
As the perambulator tugs at him
With its subtle gravities
And the quiet-working hands of time
Blur the falling dusk dim
As Night and Day clasp hands
to pray to Him;

And that lubricant which art dreams
Eases moons into slumber,
Out of hiding
And babes into sleep