Fred Zebra confirmed for Avengers: Infinity War?!

Quiz Time! True or False? Give the following statements a nice T or F in your head accordingly.

  1. If given an Infinity Gauntlet, you would totally create a pocket Marvel universe in the Kirby style, and slip inside occasionally pretending you were the son of Mr. Fantastic.
  2. You are currently sitting at a desk littered with books, graphic or otherwise, and there’s a map on the wall with your plans for world domination (or potential colleges to go to).
  3. You introduced your little sister to Doctor Who and now she knows more about it than you do.
  4. You can complete the following statement: “Freak out in a moonage _____________, OH YEAH (cue epic guitar solo).
  5. You once yelled: “Peter and MJ did WHAT?!”
  6. You’ve got a semi-pseudo-intellectual pal, a friend that knows more about comics than you do, a girl you-just-want-to-hang-out-with-but-can’t, a girl you do hang out with that’s radical, and a groovy sidekick who’s actually plotting to fake your death and seize your fame (or, if like me, you are that sidekick).
  7. You’ve got a toy red poodle that’s utterly far out, man.
  8. You use words/phrases like ‘groovy’, ‘radical’, ‘far out’ and ‘check the statistacs’ on a daily basis.
  9. You can relate: “The Inhumans show was a total abomination!”

If you got 0 Ts: You probably did not understand my title. However, it may be that like most (some) people, you have a Siberian Husky and not a poodle, you’re not thinking about world domination (or college) and you’re thinking, Doctor what? Is that a Korean drama show or something?

If you got 8 or less Ts: You either shouted “No, that’s not what Aunt May would have wanted!”, you listened to Rocket Man instead of Moonage Daydream, and/or your room is  littered with cats/ inspirational posters of cats.

If you got 9 Ts: Congratulations! Your name is either Fred Zebra or you are the missing twin I theorized I was separated from at birth. I knew it! Either way, please do follow this  blog.

In case you didn’t notice, this quiz is my introduction to me. However, this post can also be your introduction to you! Please do comment if any of these statements jump out at you, if you’re familiar with Marvel comics, or if you’d just like to say something or give suggestions about what I’ve posted on my blog so far. Thanks for reading!

(Please find attached a photograph of my beloved pup, Marshall)

A Slightly Blurry Marshall Reed