A Meditation on Java

For her.

Inside the walls of a coffee shop
The hearth starts to meander.
A ghost of warmth
That wanders along the corridor
And pacifies the machinery
Reminding me of your touch.
An aimless content
A warbling and happy silence.

The rain pitter-patters in echoes
Crying in the shape of your absence.
The quiet is deafening but hollow
The buzz is about.
I hear your song rising, rising
The piano is high as a kite
And so am I.

Java sways within me
A heartbeat, open-ended
A sweet darkness.
The moon is the teacher of distance
And gravity tutors me in heartache
But I am tired of sickness like many winters
And I long for spring
So let spring come forth
In the moonshine of your love.

I miss you. I miss you. I miss you.